Purpose of trip

I have had a ton of interest in my trip. I think I have struck a nerve in alot of people who would like to follow their dream/wild hair. Sometimes in life you have a pocket of time to pursue these interests and this is where I am. This is not a lifelong dream of mine, it is not a bucket list thing. It is an endeavor that includes many of the things that I enjoy in life. I like doing active things outside, I like talking to people from different parts of the country, I love seeing different parts of the country, and just as importantly, I love the idea of creating my own craft and testing my idea in the pursuit for which it is intended. Who knows, I might capsize in Pittsburgh! And no matter how many times I have tested each idea, I know I will think of a million things that I should have done a few miles from the starting point. This brings me to the exciting part for me-improvising on the fly. I have planned as much as I can but all plans will probably go awry once my oars get wet-I hope so! This will be the fun part. I hope to blog my thoughts and day to day happenings. I have a target of two and a half months for this trip. Either way, momma sez I have to be home for the holidays! I hope you guys enjoy the trip!


2 thoughts on “Purpose of trip

    • Thanks, this is going to be quite the little trip-not quite like taking Leanne and the kids down the Salt River! I think I have most of my bases covered but know that as soon as I hit the water I will think of a million things I should have done. But that leads the one of the best parts of the trip-what do I do now? By this time next week I should have four locks under my belt.

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