Final test cruise

Took my last test cruise out on the river with my new canopy.  I didn’t like the look of the last two that I made but this one worked like a charm.  It was very hot on the water but very pleasant under the shade!


4 thoughts on “Final test cruise

  1. I hope it’s an awesome experience for you. We r behind you and will follow you along the way.

    • Thanks Don. Just got back from Japan and am making my final prep for this boondoggle. I will have new pictures soon.

  2. Greetings from your neighbors across the street. I think that the quest that you are about to embark on to expand your horizons is incredibly inspiring. Life should be a constant learning process and that is what your trip embraces. The essence of humanity lies within innovation and craftsmanship. My roommate thinks your crazy…I bet him 20 bucks that you and your craft are making it back in one piece, don’t let me down!

    • Alberto, thanks for the encouragement, although I suspect that your roommate may be right! I suspect that your bet is safe.

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