Slow news day today.  I left Portsmouth, OH this am and just pulled into Maysville, KY.  I stopped about a mile downstream from a power plant and the water in the river is like bath water.  All of the steam that runs the steam turbines condensates back into water which they discharge back into the river.  I’m sure all the warm water stays on the surfaces of the river and the cooler water is beneath.  What that means for me is it is going to be a warm night.  Kind of like the old steam radiators!

The DNR guys that I ran into yesterday said that I would be passing through a bald eagle hunting ground.  True to their word, I saw about two dozen eagles throughout the day.  Either that or I saw really busy eagle flying along with me!  They are cool to see but I wasn’t able to get a good picture as my boat would scare them off their perches before I could get into range.  Bummer.

Tree erosion

One cool thing I saw were all of these trees along the bank of the river.  The soil covering their roots was slowly being washed away.  It left these big trees standing on their tippy toes.  And you know that you can’t stand on your tippy toes forever.  Seeing the root systems totally exposed reminded me of our own vascular systems.  The roots go from big to small and it’s the small roots that probably do all of the nutrient gathering.  The banks were covered with trees like this.  Many will probably only last until the next flood!      Supposed to rain tonight so I will batten down the hatches.