Day Two

Today I was the bug!  Stopped early on to fix the maladies of yesterday.  I went through the first lock which only took four hours-almost all of it waiting.  I don’t think lock masters are happy on their jobs!  Actually, I think us recreational boaters are just a pain in their butt.  Rather akin to highways being for truckers.  The second lock took all of 15 minutes.  I learned that I went through one of the busiest locks in the world which was also my first one.  It was very intimidating for me.  I planned for alot but when you are staring down a huge barge with your measely little homemade craft, you tend to think very humbly!  I’m extremely glad I got this UHF radio.  Not having that would be a potential trip stopper with these locks.  Only 16 more locks to go!  I passed an old wooden barge on the river-you will likely never see one of these again.  The all steel barges took over and the wooden ones went the way of the dodo.  I have only gone about 12 miles so far.  I had hoped for more but considering the trials I am pleased.  The further away from Pittsburgh I get, the quicker I will move.  It is about 6:45PM and I am getting ready to make dinner.  Actually, it will be breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It is going to be hard to prepare meals as I want to spend most of my time on the river.  My homemade mattress worked out well.  It is just a tad bit firm but it will work great.  I have my generator out recharging batteries.  This will probably be an every three day occurance.  Time to eat!


12 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. So the big float has begun. Sounds like you’ll need to keep the squeeter pellant handy and don’t hang too close to the big barges. Have a great day tomorrow and paddle lots of water! We’ll being checking your posts daily.

  2. Good luck Sam and God’s speed!
    If you run out of gas you can probably use some moonshine from some of the locals along the river.

    • Everybody has been very positive that I have spoken to. Only the first lock master seemed to be grumpy. I wish there were Costco’s on the way!

  3. I had thought to ask you about your radio situation but neglected. I hope you also have a back-up? What did you pack for the bugs? Breakfast, lunch and dinner, don’t forget to eat your powerbars. Are you doing the whole nature thing and growing out your hair and beard? It would be quite funny to see you after 2+ mo. of no shaveing or hair cuts(before/after). DO IT!

    • No backup on the radio but the one I have is waterproof to ten meters. I am super glad I have it-it is a necessity going through the locks. No powerbars, all just plain food that I always eat. Hair and beard are growing! I will shave in two weeks when I pass through home though.

  4. Row, Row your boat, Life is but a Dream!
    Great idea from Kristin – riverside pizza delivery. I’m sure skeeter repellant is a necessity. Have fun! Stay logged in.

  5. You didn’t use that old joke “locks? I didn’t even bring my keys!” On him, did you? Maybe thats why he was so grumpy!

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