Day Five

Today was uneventful as far as running into people.  I had a visitor last night to my canoe.  I saw his foot prints in the silty bottom from the shore to the boat and then muddy prints on the side of the canoe.  I guess I was sleeping soundly and didn’t hear a thing!  I guess it was a raccoon.  It was foggy in the morning and I thought playing chicken with the barges was not a good idea.  So I had breakfast instead.  No sooner had I started on the river than I run into a Lowes right near the river.  Welllllll, I couldn’t very well pass this opportunity up.  There was even an old boat ramp about 50 yards from the back of their building.  I went in and felt the air conditioning and went straight to the tool corral.  “Sir, put down the scroll saw and back away.”  Obviously they don’t know where I’ve been the past several days!  I got some much needed supplies and water.  I guess the least I could have done would be to take a sponge bath in the bathroom-this was on the WV side of the river afterall!  But us river rats have a code to live by and taking baths is Lowes is a no-no!   I passed lots of power plants today and was even held up by a barge doing donuts in the river.  Obviously, he didn’t know who I was and that I am on a schedule!  It’s pretty wild how maneuverable the engines are when they aren’t pushing things.  I am testing my mosquito set up tonight as I am in a little inlet that is a little stagnant-yuck!  I searched for an hour trying to find something a little more secure and this was it as I was running out of daylight.  We’ll see how it goes.


9 thoughts on “Day Five

  1. Any creatures come out of the great lagoon last night? Hope you had a good night sleep.

    • Only mosquitos! A good nights sleep is very relative at this point. BTW, the site looks alot better after your housekeeping-thanks!

  2. Did my heart good to hear your voice Sam. I spent a lot of time with my atlas and now realize just how very long your time on the Ohio River will be. What an intimidating trip you are on – God be with you son. Mom

  3. I’m not sure they sell “soap” at Lowes. Scrub-brushes yes! Maybe one of these days you’ll run into a hot shower. Keep the faith. Shall we tell CNN about our “River Rat?”

    • Actually I got dryer sheets at Lowes to get rid of the mustiness. A hot shower would be nice! No CNN-this little trip is just for me and family and friends.

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