Day 3

    Today was what I had envisioned for this trip.  I got a bit of everything.  I woke up (and went to bed) to rain showers.  It’s nice to know that my canopy works!  As a bonus I was able to catch rain water off the top to bath in.  I would like to say that I planned for that but it was just plain luck.  I talked to a couple walking their dog and they were quite excited.  They took pictures and said this was their son’s speed.  This was just northwest of Pittsburgh.  The locks are getting easier.  The radio is absolutely necessary.

I stopped for gas in Midland, PA.  As I was walking into town, two nuclear plant guys gave me a lift into town and back down to the river.  Very nice!  As we were leaving town, I noticed a Subway and a variety store.  I couldn’t very well ask them to stop so I went back to the canoe with the gas and returned back to town.  As soon as I got back on the highway, another guy stops and gives me a lift.  Small town americana!  Of course I told everyone what I am doing.  Both of these guys bought into it.  So I got a cell phone charger and a sandwich and headed back to the river.  Then another guy stops and gives me a lift there.  He just laughed at my idea-two out of three ain’t bad.

I had a stiff headwind all day.  I started out paddling for about 20 minutes and noticed that I was being blown back to Pittsburgh!  So I motored onward.  The wind was making the waters choppy so I was glad I had the deck on top to cover the canoe.  I made a mistake though, as I was motoring along.  I went to the front of the canoe to get something and ended up pushing the front of the canoe a little too far down.  I took on about twenty gallons of water during that adventure.  I quickly scurried back to the rear of the boat and made a mental note-balance is everything!  So young grasshopper here is going to pay a little closer attention to that.  It also made me reassess what I am carrying and is it worth the extra weight.  I put in a false floor on the inside of the canoe to keep things off the floor and away from the water.  It worked for the most part.  Although, I think on a craft this size, you are always going to take on a little water.  I use a big sponge for my bilge pump.  It works quickly on weighs nothing.  I’m glad I’m going to be able to stop by home in ten days.  I will off load some stuff and bring on the things that I forgot.

Fixing food to eat is a bit of a chore.  It’s not like camping where you can set up your stove, etc. and it’s always ready to go.  I have to set up and break down each time I use them.  So I have been eating hot food once a day.  I was in the middle of my pancake and pnut butter stack when the couple stopped by for a chat this AM.  I think there is something romantic looking about this but it is in reality a ton of work!  I made tune tetrazini(sp) the other night and it turned out great.  I had to eat it all as I can’t store food-such a bummer!  No diet cokes on the boat either as I don’t have a supply of ice.  I did get one with my subway though!

I’m keeping in touch with Leanne about three times a day but otherwise turn my cell phone off to conserve battery life.  Life on the river-you gotta think about all of these little things!  Hope we get some more rain-I’m already smelling a little rank.  Goodnight kids!

jean taylor

Are you safe at night Sam — do you tie up to the bank or have a anchor? the mosquotoes are bound to be very bad as you get closer to the storm ravashed rain from Icaas. Prayers and love – Mom

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I’ll get a loaded pic today. Weight was becoming an issue so I left my bike behind. I may get it when I pass through as I have gotten rid of a few things and I am going to offload some more in ten days. A bike would be very handy!


If you get a chance, post a pic of the boat fully loaded with all your gear. Did you bring the min bike too?

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Hey Neighbor! I’m getting to be a real river rat. I haven’t gotten any eggs yet but will as soon as there is a handi grocery store. How’s my lawn looking? I’ll be passing through in ten days to mow it. I am playing farkle by myself but it is not as much fun to cheat-I always catch myself! I saw your china factory this morning. I took a picture of it but don’t know how well it came out. I will download it tonight. All I could think about is the reject pile of broken cups and how they make/mold them into countertops-don’t tell Leanne! Talk you you later.

Nancy and Lee

We have been checking the site to make sure our neighbor is doing okay . . .our (mine really) main question is, “How are the eggs?”

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Thanks Jimmo!

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Hey geograghical maroon! I crossed over the PA/Ohio border last night and stayed near Midland, PA. I am going to average about 20 mi. a day unless I get a good tailwind. Headwinds don’t affect me too much as I turn on the motor. Thanks for your prayers. Robert, you and I have done alot of goofy stuff in the past 30 years-this is right up your alley!


For those of us geographically ignorant can you tell us where you are and where exactly youre going? Thanks and prayers to you!

Jim and Betty Ferguson

Shower and a meal, a nights sleep and gas. You’ll be all set to go in the morning. At least the head wind and rain weren’t anything like Isaac. Maybe some sunshine tomorrow to help that solar panel keep things charged up. Be safe and successful each and every day! Looks like you have all kinds of supporters all around!