Day 29

Woke up to three blue herons that were not happy I was in their little estuary!  The sides of my canopy were down so I looked like a big box to them.  They kept swooping down near me and landing mere feet away.  These are the same birds that fly away when I come within a couple hundred yards of them.  I could only surmise that they didn’t want to share their space with me.  I could see them under the walls without them knowing that I was there.  I tried to get my camera out of the waterproof! container but they must have put two and two together and flew off.  It was cool to see them so closely.  One had a beard just like a turkey only not so thick.  The hairs/feathers were sticking out so I thought he was trying to look tough!

When I say I woke up to those birds, that was not entirely true.  The temperature dropped last night into the lower thirties.  I had planned on this being a summer/fall slightly warmer trip.  Last night dipped into winter weather!  I didn’t sleep very well if at all as I was freezing.  So tonight I have two pairs of socks, two layers on my legs, two torso layers, fleece hat, all my blankets and sleeping bag, and will put on my gloves when I finish this.  Today was cold also and I never really warmed up all day.  So I am bundled in for the night-we’ll see how tonight goes.

I am within 60 miles of the Mississippi River.  I will pass through Paducah, KY tomorrow which will be my last big town before Memphis.  I hope to stop and eat out there.  I might toy with the idea of getting a hotel room if I am still chilled.  That depends mostly on whether I can find a marina to get a boat slip.  I hope I can find one!  I will pass through two locks tomorrow and then only one more to go!

There continues to be an abundance of bald eagles.  I don’t think they’re on the endangered species list.  It’s cool to see so many of them-I wish they were more camera friendly for me!

Time for me to breath under the covers and try to heat things up!






















12 thoughts on “Day 29

  1. Hope all the layers help tonight, Hon. Hate to hear it is not so fun and know if anyone can persevere, you can. You are seeing so many birds, animals, and sights! Thinking of you…

  2. Hey hey Sammo, Birds beat gorillas, feathers down….. :) Glad you’re drying out and seeing wildlife in their own element. Very cool indeed! The two Paradise duck ‘families’ here are making it through their daily assault course training across the farm, past the ewes and lambs, under the eyes of the ever present hawks, and back to their hiding places by the creek. They come out to feed early and late, it’s great to watch. Just caught up on your last 10 days, and I just bet in another 3 weeks, you will be planning the next adventure- won’t be able to stop yourself! Must get back to timesheets and invoices…have a great week out there and I’ll catch up again after your next bath… love, sis

  3. Sam. go email today lock 53 has stopped locking and you will run the pass. Which means they lowered the dam and you just run over it. Near as i can tell from corps Wed site 52 is still locking and expect delays.Olmsted. lock is below 53 it is not complete. Yet and you just go by it. . I don’t think there is a Maria in paducah at least can’t find one in chart book. You might call paducah river derive on 270-444-0190 or channel. 88

    • Paducah river service brings groceries to to boat and could tell you everything in the area. If you like history balls lock 52 just passed the I24 bridge on right hand side of river is fort Massac is on the right hand side of the river you can walk right to it. That is also metropolis home of the 40 foot Superman and Superman museum if you get chance to see. Paducah does have a nice city front to stop and walk into downtown. It is also a high Towboat traffic area so becareful. I do not suggest stopping and walking around in various. It is a very unsavory place and just safer to pass it by. The is a boat store on the miss. At wickclff KY. That is about your last chance.

      • Darn spell check. Paducah and metropolis fine places. Cairo IL. Not so much i would pass it right on by.

  4. Glad to see ur still afloat! It’s funny u weren’t with us long but u still seem to come up in conversations often. We were discussing how u were handling the drop in temps just this wkend as we all set around the campfire looking out at the space u docked at. Hope all is well, Pam, Joe & of course my dad Frank

    • Hi Pam, This temp drop is trying my patience! I hope things warm up soon as I am not enjoying this! I am almost to the Mississippi. I was just talking to Leanne today about my end game with my brother coming to get me. It seems like I shouldn’t be talking about that yet! Say ‘hi’ to Frank. Passed the Tennessee River leading to Kentucky Lake and thought about Joe’s great story with a hole in his boat! Take care! Sam

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