Day 28

Had a great day of traveling.  The weather is turning a bit and I am seeing my breath as I type this.  Now you could say that I should just brush my teeth but it is a little nippy out!  You can bet I will roll myself up like a Filiberto’s burrito tonight.

Very few towns today but the wildlife was great.  Lots of eagles and pelicans.  This would be a great trip for a bird watcher.  There were alot of turtles out yesterday sunning themselves on logs-pretty neat!

Felt like I was on the Serengeti plain!

Tons of pelicans!

I have crossed the Illinois state line and will be running it’s border for the next three or four days.  It’s weird crossing these states so slowly when I’m used to driving through them in one day.

Time to batten down as weather is coming in-ugh!


4 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. I did not know there were pelicans on water anywhere but near the ocean. Glad no upsets now. Hope you have warm clothes for this time before you get to the real southern warmth. Loveyou, Mom

  2. Glad to see you had smoother sailing. We are really enjoying your tales and pictures of all the creatures accompanying you. Mother Nature is amazing. Sorry for the cool snap. It will pass and you will too, further south. Have you noticed much change in the tree colors yet? Keep safe and talk to you soon.

    • F-F-F-Froze l-l-l-last n-n-n-night!!!!! I am not quite set up for winter travel. Didn’t help that it was pouring down rain. Hope tonight goes better. If is stays like this, get the pickup ready for New Madrid and I’ll do a part deux!

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