Day 26

Today was gorgeous!  I woke up to a dog sniffing my boat.  When I made some noise, he started barking.  I just said ’Git’ and he ran off.  I heard him again in the distance after I was almost ready to leave.  My little river inlet was a nice place to hole up for the night-no waves, no wind, no nothin’!

I had a little excitement today.  I was cruising along the same speed as another barge(they must be getting sick of seeing me!).  I was a little bit ahead of him so I crossed the river to cut the corner short.  After I made my pass and was on the other side of the river, my motor cut out.  I restarted it right away but it happened again.  By this time I was drifting against the bank.  I checked my tank and it was only half full when it should have been nearly all the way full.  I traced the fuel line and discovered it had become disconnected where I put in a fuel filter.  Wish I could say it wasn’t my fault but it was completely my fault.  It was a five minute repair and I was back on the way.  I had dropped back to being even with barge after the repair-I bet he loved that.  I try to stay out of their way and travel near one side of the river or the other.  It all depends where the wind is blowing from and the way the river is turning.

I am on the other side of Evansville, Indiana for the night.  I made some pretty good progress and zipped right through the lock.  I even had time to do some minor maintenance on the boat before setting up camp.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day so I am looking forward to that.  Not much in the way of pictures today-sorry!


2 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. it was good to hear your voicet today and know things have been smooth Sam. Hope for many more like this. think again about the first chapter of your book! Really would apeal to all ages you know. Love, Mom

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