Day 24

Typical night time tent

Typical night time tent

What a killer day.  Lot’s of rain and wind and nothin’ else.  I was going the same speed as a barge so we stuck together through this crappy weather.  Only he was sitting in a comfortable chair drinking hot coffee and I was looking like a drowned rat!  I did run into a small problem that I won’t be able to sort out until tomorrow.  I ran over a fishing net that was submerged in the water.  It wrapped around my prop.  I had to get in the water with my trusty knife and cut the net off.  I felt a little like Tarzan-only cold!  It started right back up so I went slowly to the shore for the night.  I will check the oil in the morning and we’ll see how it goes.

Should be able to make it to the next lock tomorrow and to a reasonably sized town.  After today, I wouldn’t mind taking it easy and eating at a restaurant.  I’m having difficulties downloading pictures from my new camera but I will sort that out soon.  Another day of rain tomorrow and then things should start clearing up-hope so.


6 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. You will need to write a book and become a strong hearted OLD ‘Mark Twain’ when this is over!! What an ambitious fellow — is this my son? Love, Mom

  2. So you have essentially the footprint of a coffin to sleep on the deck . You have a border of plastic trunks keeping your bedding from falling out of bed into the water now and keeping the beavers at bay. Then for an even more enjoyable camping experience… you have wet clothes dripping from above on you too. YIKES!!!

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