Day 23

Got about a half day in today after seeing Leanne off around noon.  What a great weekend.  Leanne got here around 10 PM and we got our room near Fort Knox.  Spent yesterday shopping (supplies for me-and a camera!), hiking around a lake and eating out.  It felt like a date weekend!  Weather cooperated for us but I think I am going to pay for it for the next three days-rain is forecasted until Thursday.  That’s okay, I’ll just wear my rainsuit.

I was able to keep the boat at a great little marina that I wrote about before.  It was great getting to know the owners, Joe and Pam, and picking Joe’s brain about the river.  Information is king and he knew everything about this section of river.

Seeing Fort Know was neat.  It is not on an interstate so you would never ‘just stop by’.  We also saw the General Patton museum-glad to have people like him in our military!


5 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. It was a lovely weekend together and great sight-seeing weather… Miss you already, Hon!

  2. got to thinking about the late night visitors. there’s a critter called Nutria, that can be mistaken for a beaver. they have a rat-like tail, and similar to a muskrat.

    have a good week over travel!

  3. I had this picture in my mind that your were “suffering” on the river. Not anymore. Wife comes to visit, go out to eat, get fresh clothes and a weekend in bliss! Wow, where is the nearest river?

    • I wish I had more weekends in ‘bliss’ and less weekdays of suffering! Actually, there’s very little suffering but some things are a pain in the butt! I’ll be glad to get the sunshine back in a couple of days!

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