Day 22-Time to think about security!

I had visitors last night around 1 AM.  While I was concocting this plan, I had many conversations at my place of work about taking a gun.  After last night, maybe Eddy at work was right.  But this is a guy that shot a hole through his roof!  I can’t come to profess that he was right.  I’ll let you guys decide.

I was awoken by lots of pattering and stirring in the water.  It is common to hear water noises with the waves, fish surfacing, and animals on the shore.  I lowered the canopy for the night-sometimes I leave them up-and was fairly secure.  Or so I thought!  By the time I got my senses, my boat had been breached by two of them and one was in the water near the shore.  He must have been reluctant to follow the other two.  I grabbed my flashlight and knife that I always keep near my pillow.  Eddy, if I had your SKS I would have grabbed it.  But I probably would have shot a hole through the canoe-then I would have been in trouble.  So armed with what I had and not having my glasses on, I started my first line of defense.  ‘What’s going on out there?’  I know that would strike fear in the most hardened criminals, but it seemed to me like a good way to start a deescalating dialogue.  I don’t know if they didn’t hear me or didn’t understand me, but all I heard was chatter and some clicking which I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Things heated up when I shone the flashlight not two feet from this perps eyes.  I was a little surprised when he didn’t back up.  I don’t think I would try to enter an enclosure knowing someone was inside and may be armed.  Especially someone on a craft such as mine.  You would think that someone doing something like this would be the outdoorsy type and outdoorsy types usually are no strangers to guns.  I don’t know what this yahoo was thinking.  The other one didn’t advance or retreat, just alot of whispered chatter and that incessant clicking.  After what seemed like and eternity but was more likely about 30 seconds, all three retreated.  The two on my boat jumped in the water and the third ran to shore and disappeared.   Did I dodge a bullit(so to speak)?  What would you do?  Pull a .357?  I suppose seeing a 49 y.o. half naked, crazed angry white man would be as good of a defense as any.  It worked this time.  But next time might be different.  Stupid beavers!

I couldn’t believe these beavers didn’t run off.  The two were on one of my pontoons and were trying to reach the canoe.  They were reaching with one arm but the pontoons didn’t offer them with traction.  The flashlight did not scare them at all.  I was real surprised about that.  I have never seen beavers that close for that long but it was pretty cool.  They click along with chatter for their communication.  Didn’t do me any good as I couldn’t understand either!  And then it was over.  Another night of partial sleep!

I stopped this afternoon in West Point, KY.  I got gas and food and then tried to find a marina to park the canoe for the weekend.  Leanne wanted to come over tonight but I had to find a safe place to moor.  I turned up a tributary river and found a small dock.  As it turns out, these folks bought an old city boat ramp and are building it into a marina.  The only other boat there was theirs.  It is a slow time of year as pleasure boating is just about over with the summer.

I pulled in just to see if they could point me in the right direction.  Instead, they offered me a spot behind their boat!  It couldn’t have worked out better.  It saved my afternoon of scouring the river for a secure berth.  So to Pam and Joe at J&S Boat Docks, I thank you!  You saved my bacon!  So I tied off and battened down the hatches and am just waiting for Leanne to get here.  I will take the opportunity to do all of my laundry and bedding.  This will be a nice weekend.  I feel like a cowboy coming off the trail in need of the town barber and a hot bath.  Wouldn’t that be cool to go to the barber and his asst. fills a big bathtub full of bucketfuls of steaming water?  I would pay big bucks for that!


7 thoughts on “Day 22-Time to think about security!

  1. Oh My!! Until I got to the part of your narrative I was SSOOOO afraid – but told myself you were there to write about it, so

    What a fright till I got to the part –BEAVERS — Can they steer? I kept thinking – you were there to write about it. Have a good weekend. What are the laws of having a gun on the river passing through so many states. Mom

  2. Feeling like a cowboy? What about Dr. Doolittle with all these furry animals friends you’re making?
    I believe its sunday noon-time for you. Hopefully I can talk to both you and mom soon. Okinawa just went through another typhoon, so internet access this weekend was limited. See you guys soon.

  3. Hi Sam,

    so what do you think? we they just being neighborly? after you running them off, i don’t blame ‘em for not leaving the pie!

    what are you going to do when a gator tries to get into your sleeping bag?

    • Dunno if I am going to run into gators on the Miss. Don’t they hang out in salt or briny water? If I do run into them, they will just be another post on the blog!

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