Day 20-Four minions and an 800lb. gorilla

I am a little fried right now as I didn’t sleep a wink last night.  In my haste to make it through the lock, I didn’t have enough daylight to seek out a good spot for the night.  I had to settle on a long stretch of shore the would have been fine in most cases.  Last night was not most cases.

I set the canopy and canoe up for a long for the night when the wind started blowing.  Not normally a big deal but this was a portent of things to come.  A storm was moving in full of driving rain, 40 mph wind, lightening, huge waves, and an 800 lb. gorilla.    The canopy was being blown around like a kite and I was trying to stabilze everything.  Unfortunately, I only have two hands.  I was losing this battle along with the battle to keep the waves from swamping me.  I always pull the boat up to shore and tie it off on a tree.  I never rely on the anchor.  My nightmare is to be adrift while I sleep with a barge bearing down on me.  Even with the boat halfway on shore, these storm whipped waves were crashing down.  The lightening was everpresent and was just a reminder of why sane people don’t do things like this.  I didn’t need a flashlight to see what I was doing because the lightening was happening constantly.  The rain was coming up from the river Forrest Gump style.  Remarkably, my canopy held up better than I did.  As if all this wasn’t enough, it felt like I had an 800 lb. gorilla on the top of the canopy trying to tip me over.  Too bad my camera went down, otherwise I would have taken a picture of him.  For now, your going to have to believe me because this is my story!  This happened for about two hours while everything not lashed down on the boat went into the drink.  This morning looked like a yard sale.  Nothing missing or broke so I think I dodged a bullit.  It was very frightening and my fight or flight was kicking in.  I wanted to run but everything I own is on this boat.  So what choice do you have?

It was still raining when I got on the river and rained off and on for the rest of the day.  I stopped a little while ago and it is lovely-go figure!  I should make it to Louisville tomorrow and get through the next lock.  You know I’m going to rush to get through that one!


7 thoughts on “Day 20-Four minions and an 800lb. gorilla

  1. Almost “gone with the wind” and rain!? Perhaps you should keep some bananas handy for these occasions!! Funny, we slept right through the storm!! Really, glad you survived it ok though. I hate tragic endings to stories. Now you can carry on in pursuit of your happy ending. Have a great week end in Louisville.

  2. Oh!OH! What kind of adventures have been in the past and now the future. What an thing and now the fall weather and hopfully Indian Summer. Love youn Sam, Mom

  3. Tell me more about that gorilla! When one doesn’t get sleep, thos gorillas grow substantially. I wonder what the river will be like when you meet the Mississippi?

    • All I know is my little boat was rocking and rolling! I was afraid the whole top was going to get ripped off. That gorilla was giving me the ol’ what for! Looking at the river info that I have, it looks like the Ohio is bigger in many parts than the Miss. Won’t know for sure for two more weeks. I know it won’t have any locks where I’m going so the current will certainly be stronger. Looks like Yosemite was quite picturesque.

  4. I went back and re-read all your metaphors – you are becoming quite an accomplished writer, and I will try to quit being so literal! Now what is “scrambled eggs on a hat” in the Navy again? I think it’s similar to a “butter bar” in the Army?!?
    Sail on brave sailor… you will find me in port awaiting.. Just don’t start singing “Brandy, you’re a fine girl, but my life, my lover, my lady is the sea…”

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