Day 19

I still have my shoes!  That would be the relative accomplishment today.   It rained all morning which wasn’t too bad.  I had my raingear on and forged ahead.  The water wasn’t nearly as choppy as the past couple of days.  My netbook and my camera seem to be casualties though.  I brought my laptop as a backup and had each in a separate water bag.  Well, one water bag was just that-a water bag!  I don’t know if it will survive.

I made it through my last lock at around 6PM.  I found out that if you wait until the morning to go through, you have to wait forever because all of the barges have first go.  So I stayed on the river a bit longer just to get through.   On  the down side, I stopped about a mile down from the lock which means barges will be backing up on me.

It is raining as I write and it is supposed to rain on and off tomorrow.   As long as I can keep my laptop dry I don’t care.  If my camera doesn’t come back to life, I will have to wait until I get to Louisville to get another.  I expect to be in Louisville by Friday.


4 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. If you keep only filling up your gas tank every couple days, you will be right that the new motor will nearly pay for itself in cost savings. See, I can admit you are right sometimes!

  2. Hi! Our son was one of the ODNR officers you spoke so kindly of. We are so pleased to see him in such an interesting, exciting job! where he can meet people like you! Have you read “River Horse” by Wm. Least Heat Moon and/or “ShantyBoat” by Harlan Hubbard? both are adventures on the river! good luck and take care!!! hope the weather here improves!

    • Thanks for the note. I will keep an eye out for those books as I’m sure they would appeal to the perspective that I am getting!

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