Day 16

What a horrible day as far as making any kind of headway.  The headwind was blowing and the river had four foot swells with whitecaps.  There wasn’t alot I could do except pull over and wait for either to subside.  I made breadfast and read a bit and then tried to get back on the river.  I was trying to hug the shoreline to avoid the big swells but it didn’t help much.  My poor propeller ate more than it’s share of river bottom.  I finally eked out about twenty miles before stopping for the night.  The town I pulled up in is none other than George Clooney’s hometown, Augusta, Kentucky.  I talked to a few people at the park where I pulled up to.  This is a typical nice americana town.  Next weekend is their big historical festival so I missed it by a week-bummer!    Hopefully tomorrow will be calmer.


2 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. I checked my Bible Concordance: it has 141 references to “river, rivers, riverbed and riverbanks.” A lot of Christian History happened along, in and through rivers! It still is happening, right?

    • It happens every day! Every day that I stay dry is a miracle! I have passed through a ton of Civil War history also.

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