Day 14

Kind of a weird day today.  Got up from a cold night sleep and was shrouded by fog.  I couldn’t do anything until about 10 AM.  I spent the night tied up to a tree because there was no shoreline so all I had was my small boat deck to amble around on.  When I was able to launch, I was one bend shy of the next lock.  Had I known that, I would have gone through it last night when there was no traffic.  I had to wait about three hours this morning as there were three barges already in line.  So I tied up to another tree and read and watched barges go through the lock.  They move quite slowly in the lock (4-5 feet per minute-if that).  When I finally got through, I had a tailwind and I was home free.  It was nice and warm and I was livin’!

I stopped south of Portsmouth, Ohio where I saw a convenience store.  I have a very irritated rotator cuff that is giving me alot of grief.  The ibuprofen that I had was not in a waterproof container.  Childproof-yes, waterproof-no.  All of the tablets were gross with brown river water.  So I got some more at the conveniece store.  When I got back to the boat, two Ohio DNR officers were at my boat ready to do a spot inspection.  They were cool with everything-I was lacking a fire extinguisher and an orange flag.  So I stopped at a Walmart just up the river and got those and a Subway for dinner.  These guys have a great job cruising up and down the river.  I’m sure I am not seeing the whole picture but they have a cool boat, a huge motor, and lots of river!  I got more information out of them than anyone else.  I’m glad they stopped by.  One guy had already pulled up my website by the time I got there.  They were in their 30′s and could relate to what I am doing.  But now is the time in their life that they have to raise their families and keep their noses to the grind stone.  Don’t worry guys, your day will come!  I finally pulled to a nice shoreline and set up the generator to recharge all my battery devices.  This little generator is perfect for a trip like this-thanks Steve!

Tonight is supposed to be 10 degrees warmer so should be a good sleeping night. Time to close up camp here and get the canopy ready.



Recharging time!


5 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Ohio Do Not Resuscitate Officers – Were they checking for Living Wills or . . .?
    Good idea for river pirates to all the right paperwork.

  2. Well Sam, glad you got your inspection done relatively early on this leg. So now you can fly your red flag around those blind bends so you don’t get ran over and you can put your campfire out before departure. Ha, Ha! Better safe than sorry. A guy just can’t think of everything. Sounds like all goes well. PS-Did you find a spot to load a bike? We’re enjoying all your followers posts and looking forward to your next. Safe voyage!

    • Again, no bike on this leg of the trip either. Weight was getting a little iffy and I couldn’t lose 45 lbs to account for the bike and the rack. Should of hit Jenny Craig a little sooner! As it turns out, I could have offloaded one of my 5 gal. gas cans as this new motor is a sipper. That would have made up for the bike. Hindsight is always 20/20!

  3. Each day I wonder what and where you are! Did the tail wind mean you made up for the wait at the locks? God be with you dear son!

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