Seven days until launch! I’ve got some small details to clean up but I am ready to go. I am starting to feel like ‘Doc’ on back to the future with my scatterbrained antics and thoughts. I think my wife is more than ready for me to go! She is a peach for putting up with this madness.


9 thoughts on “Countdown!

  1. Betty says Go Sam! Go! We’ve got our eyes on you all the way. Will check your website daily for updates. Best of luck for a safe journey! We’ll be talking to you. Jim

  2. Hi Sam,
    Saw the boat the other day and visited the blog to see what’s up. Good luck on your trip! What’s the intended route? Is Pittsburgh the destination or are you traveling further from there? Will you be updating the blog on a regular basis? Many of us will be interested in following your adventure – Good luck and save travel!

    • Hi Jeff, My brother brought it to my attention that I haven’t stated my intended route-duh! I plan on leaving from Pittsburgh(the beginning of the Ohio River) and travelling down to a little bit past New Orleans via the Mississippi River. I will be starting this weekend. Thanks for the support!

  3. Good luck Sam on your crazy adventure!!! I am not mentioning this much to Jeremy because I am scared he will want to do the same or join you on your next crazy adventure.

    • Hi Jen, See if Jeremy has any interest in crossing Australia on dirt bikes sometime in 2013. Hope you guys are doing good.

      • I am sure he will be very interested!!! But will his wife let him, that is the question?? Good luck we are watching you.

  4. Again, keep the faith, you will need it. What an adventure. Feel like travel back in the 1700′s?

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