4 thoughts on “Canopy

    • Thanks Stevie! To more days and then the fun begins with our trip to Japan. When I am done with all of this madness, I might come back to KDMC and see if they can use me per diem. Take care and stay in touch!

  1. Is that real bamboo? If not did you use a veneer? I like the look. I hear that you bought solar panels for your trip, are they big? I have used some in the past and have had little luck powering anything bigger then a cell phone. All in all its nice, good luck.

    • The stabilizers are 6″ sch. 35 PVC filled with closed cell foam (in case of cracks). I painted them yellow to stick out. The solar panels are 45 watt units. I honestly have no idea how much power they will generate to my 12 v marine battery. I have a small gas generator as a backup. Thanks for your interest!

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